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Name Claire Shepard
Date Added 2010-04-08 13:11:16
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 28 Infiltrator
Background Spacer / Ruthless
Romanced Garrus
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Legion
DLCs (Unknown)
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Did not import an ME save.

Completed none of Liara's quests.
Pretty sure I did not encounter Conrad Verner.
The Rachni are extinct (as far as I can tell).
Completed most of the N7 missions.

Recruited all party members except Zaeed.
Assisted Samara in killing Morinth.
Garrus executed Sidonis.
Kal'Reegar survived.
Tali'Zorah was exiled from the Flotilla.
Do not recall giving an opinion on the quarian-geth war.
Kept the genophage cure, just in case.
Killed the heretic geth.

Completed every party member's loyalty quest.
The entire Normandy crew survived, no one left behind.

Armor-Piercing Ammo is a bonus power. The Widow Anti-Material Rifle was salvaged from the Collector ship.


Screenshot available:
She's not too good looking, but cut me some slack, I'm not really experienced with making faces.

Paragon and Renegade scores are nearly equal, with Renegade having the minor advantage. This Shepard was played to be mostly Renegade, but as the game progressed, she started leaning more towards Paragon. Claire was, as most of my characters, not intended to be purely Paragon or Renegade; rather, her decisions were based on her personality and background.

This save is an Industrial Horizons production.

Name Ainsley Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-21 15:48:28
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 60 Engineer
Background Colonist / Ruthless
Romanced Garrus
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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Continuation of Ainsley Shepard, can be found on Mass Effect 1 saves under Mixed Alignment with no romance. Please see for full ME1 choices.

- Engineer
- Colonist
- Ruthless

Major ME1 Info:
- Romanced no one
- Saved Council
- Put Anderson up for Council seat
- Saved Ashley
- Saved Wrex
- Let Baalak go (Bring Down the Sky DLC)
- Do not have Pinnacle Station DLC
- Saved Rachni Queen
- All Zhu's Hope colonists alive
- Shiala alive
- Used Asari Consort trinket
- Sent Conrad home
- All personal crew quests complete (Garrus & Dr. Saleon, gave Tali Geth data, Wrex got his family armor)
- Pushed Garrus to be more paragon
- All 21 Keepers scanned
- Fist lived
- Paragon choices for reporter
- Saren committed suicide
- All quests completed (including collections)
- 100% paragon, 100% renegade
- Rich achievement

ME2 Stats:
100% paragon, 30/40% renegade. Used mostly paragon actions but couldn't resist some of the renegade actions. Used save game editor for credits and resources. Romanced no one in ME1, romanced Garrus ME2.

Suicide Mission:
- All squad members lived
- All crew lived
- Destroyed Collector Base

- Completed both of Liara's quests
- Paragon choices with Conrad
- Spoke to Rachni Asari
- All N7 quests complete
- Galaxy 100% explored
- Helped Zhu's Hope via Shiala
- All Normandy upgrades complete
- All squad upgrades complete
- All (or nearly all) weapon and tech/biotic upgrades complete
- Paragon choices for reporter
- All model ships
- Sent Cerberus data to the Alliance

- All team members recruited and loyal
- Samara killed Morinth
- Kasumi kept graybox info
- Garrus killed Sidonis
- Tali was not exiled
- Kal'Reegar alive
- Pushed for a cease fire between Quarians and Geth
- Heretic Geth rewritten
- Mordin kept Genophage data
- Zaeed let Vido go, workers saved
- Jack spared Aresh
- Miranda killed Niket, talked to sister
- Jacob turned his father in to the Alliance
- Kolyat did not kill politican
- Killed Thresher Maw

- Normandy Crash Site: Completed
- Overlord: David went to Grissom Academy
- Firewalker: 90% complete, did not finish Geth mission
- Shadow Broker: Used all paragon actions with Liara, complete
- Arrival: Tried to warn Batarians

Name Rachel Shepard
Date Added 2012-03-29 05:32:19
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Infiltrator
Background Earthborn / Sole Survivor
Romanced Garrus
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
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ME1 Summary:
-Ashley Survived
-Wrex Survived
-Council sacrificed
-Anderson put on the new Council
-Rachnai Queen survived
-Captain Kirrahe survived
-Fist was spared
-Feros colonists survived
-Helena Blake survived
-Garrus encouraged to go renegade
-Helped Tali on pilgrimage
-Saved hostages in Bring Down the Sky
-No Romance

ME2 Summary:
-All squad mates fully loyal and survived, including Kasumi and Zaeed
-All crew rescued and survived
-Completed DLC Normandy Crash
-Completed DLC Firewalker
-Completed DLC Overlord - Archer sent to Grissom Academy
-Reinstated as Spectre
-Helped Liara on Illium
-Garrus spared Sidonis
-Thane stopped his son from killing and was reunited
-Samara killed Morinth
-Tali was not exiled
-The Quarians did not go to war
-The Geth heretics were infected with the virus and 'cured'
-Kasumi kept the greybox
-Zaeed killed Vido but hostages died
-Grunt killed the Thresher Maw
-Maelon's genophage research was kept
-Conrad Verner shot in the foot
-Veetor and KalReeger survived and back on the Quarian Fleet
-Arrival DLC was NOT completed
-Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC was NOT completed
- Romanced Garrus

Name Maryka Shepard
Date Added 2013-10-02 20:57:26
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Colonist / War Hero
Romanced Garrus
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None
DLCs Kasumi
Lair of the Shadow Broker
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Romanced Kaidan
Recruited Garrus & Wrex
Killed Ashley
Saved Wrex
Chose Anderson
Saved Council

Completed Liara's missions
Helped Conrad
Spoke to Rachni Queen's spokeswoman
Helped Giana Parasini again
Uploaded intel to Alliance during N7: Lost Operative
Romanced Garrus

Zaeed & Kasumi recruited
Kasumi: Destroyed greybox
Zaeed: Killed Vido
Samara: Killed Morinth
Garrus: Let Sidonis go, Harkin was shot
Tali cleared of all charges
Reegar alive
Asked Quarians to cease fire with Geth
Mordin: Saved cure, Maelon let go
Legion: Heretic Geth rewritten
Overlord: David Sent to Grissom Academy
Arrival: Tried to warn Batarians

Omega 4 Relay:
No one lost, all survived, zero deaths.

Name Justice Shepard
Date Added 2014-02-05 17:55:35
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 30 Sentinel
Background Spacer / War Hero
Romanced Garrus
Collector Base Given to Cerberus
Casualties Mordin
DLCs Kasumi
Normandy Crash Site
Lair of the Shadow Broker
Download Save File
I imported a ME1 Justice Shepard from this site.

This save started out as paragon only... but i got bored and started some renegade interrupts. I also used Gibbed to give my self more resources (I don't like to scan for resourses) and credits. I tried using a headmorph, but the game kept crashing... so this is a default look shep

Major ME1 Stuff:
See Justice Shepard on this site ^_^

- All side quest completed
- Both Liara's quests completed
- Conrad opened a shelter
- Spoke with the Rachini Queen's Asarai spokeswoman
- In the N7: Lost Operative Quest I send the data to the Alliance

Recruitment / Loyalty Missions:
- All companions was reqruited and all where loyal
- Kasumi's Greybox was destroyed
- Saved the Hostages and convinced Zaeed to be more paragon
- Sidonus is alive, allowed Garrus to shoot Fade in the leg
- Tali is still part of the fleet. I convinced the quarians not to go to war
- Kal'Reegar is alive
- Maelon is alive and i Kept the data
- Heretics was rewritten
- Samara is alive

- (Arrival) Attempted to warn the colony
- (Overlord) Freed David, collected all data

Omega 4 Relay:
- Mordin is dead.
- All other crew members are alive
- Gave Collector base to TIM, only because Garrus said we need all advantage we could get.

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